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Robert Wilkinson

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Like Psychological dramas, historical novels, and supernatural fiction?

Believe in the unbelievable

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Unleash your imagination, delve into the extraordinary.

Enter a realm where reality blurs with the supernatural. Experience heart-pounding suspense, spine-tingling mysteries, and dark, hidden secrets. Explore the depths of the human psyche and embark on a thrilling journey through the shadows of the unknown. Brace yourself for supernatural dramas that will captivate and mesmerize, leaving you spellbound till the very last page. Dare to embrace the extraordinary and let your imagination soar with our author's gripping tales of intrigue and suspense.

Writer (Supernatural, Drama/thrillers.)

Robert Wilkinson

I'm a writer and guess, I always have been. From my first year in senior school when my Class Teacher wrote in my report "I hope he continues his interest in writing'
Well, I did. It's a kind of escapism and I have always had a creative, prolific mind. My work splits into two main genres:


Sometimes they overlap. I have over 20 works of fiction available (see next page) and they are quite different to one another. Two more are in the pipeline, but more of that later.
Those who know me are surprised at the sometimes dark nature of my writing, since I have a well-known sense of humour and am a prolific 'Dad'  joke teller. See the Dad Bloke Joke tab.

I hope you enjoy the outpouring of my mind.

Freeing A Soul

A haunting tale of politics, secrets, and the supernatural. Alice's suicide leaves her husband and daughter burdened, leading Bill on a transformative journey, plagued by dreams that connect him to a spirit world, where salvation awaits.
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My Books

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My Books

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A Love Tattooed
A Psychological thriller, when an old flame comes into Bob’s life and old actions and .consequences come home to roost. The lovely Anna is troubled, she killed her ex-husband and has paid the price. Bob rekindles the affaire and has to deal with the psychological results of all that went before, plus corruption in his business affairs. Pyschological drama

A secret assassin, hired by a cloaked secret service, is made redundant as the unit is disbanded. He is chased to eliminate all traces of the operation and goes to ground, embroiled in a new family, undergoing family dramas, until his past catches up and a deadly showdown takes place. Fast moving and evocative

Two oldest friends have their lives dramatically changed by an event on their last day at University. One is empowered by the act and the other destroyed by it, until, years later, the truth comes out and they can never be the same again. Drama.

The Duncans are a dying breed. Infertile and shattered by a family feud which leaves the vast wealth of the family a much saught-after prize. The women of the family have a plot to secure it. Family drama.

Bill laments the passing of his wife and worries that their daughter is ‘seeing’ the otherworld. He is trapped in a spiritual battle which has disturbing roots in his own extended family, and becomes deeply entwined in political corruption. Explosive supernatural drama

Set just after the end of the second world war, amidst rationing, a missing child leads the hunt to the eerie, crumbling haunted house on the cliff. The truth reveals a shocking secret horror. Short supernatural story

Monty is an ordinary man who starts to lose his sight only to find it replaced by seeing into the future and into the past. His family regard this as sinister and enrol the help of an exorcist. It goes badly wrong as Monty rebels and plunges his friends into a hectic chase to find him when he vanishes. Supernatural mystery

A precious dagger, forged centuries past in the hilly deserts of the middle east, is cursed by it’s maker. The dagger possesses it’s owners over the centuries, causing misery and havoc through Napoleonic Egypt, post WW1 France and to the thirties England where it finally is returned to it’s owner by descent, with tragic consequences. Supernatural mystery

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